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Shipping & Delivery Policy

Generally our all of the products delivered online as all the designs like ceiling,furniture etc are sent to customer dashboard and via email too.The account is activated instantly for the design as per chosen variant.ideally our varients starts from Rs 999 only.

Although if there would be some hard copy if design is requested by customer then we currently offer FREE DELIVERY on all orders. You do not need to pay any shipping charges on ANY orders placed on ClickArch.com.com

The large majority of our orders are online delivered within 3-7 working days of the order,if there is any physical delivery we ship through leading courier services, and you can track your order online after it is shipped. In the unlikely event we are unable to deliver any items in your order, be assured that you will not be charged for that item, or you shall be refunded the full amount charged for the item.

Refund & Cancellation

Refund of amount for online design orders will not be admissible in any condition as the order amount is always processed to back end team as we have very short period of time to design the layouts.

The order charges remitted by the applicant shall not be refunded for any of the following reason:

In case the design of the customer is not finalized due to non- payment of fee / dues and other charges or a part thereof within the prescribed date.
In case the customer has not submitted the required layout sizes for the development of further designs.
If, after being designed, a customer does not want to continue his / her design on account of his / her any personal reason.